Q: What is Ethos?

A: Ethos is an online magazine created by boylovers, for the BL community. The contents include essays, reviews, fiction, poetry, interviews with boylovers, online safety, and much more. Ethos Magazine is entirely related to boylove and subjects of interest to boylovers.

Q: Why do you have archives stored of other BL magazines?

A: As the leading online BL magazine publication, we feel it wold be a great benefit to the community we serve by offering full catalogs of other BL oriented publications. Many people don’t know that there is a rich history of boylove magazines from decades past. It is our honor and privilege to keep this rich part of our shared history for all to see and enjoy.

Q: For how long has Ethos Magazine been published?

A: Our first issue was published on September 15, 2016. Since then we have published four issues a year.

Q: What is the current Ethos publishing schedule?

A: Starting in 2020, Ethos publishes two issues a year, each on IBLD (International Boylove Day), which is every June and December. Seperately but related, Ethos publishes two issues a year of it’s “little brother” publication, Boy World Magazine, every March and September.

Q: What is Boy World Magazine?

A: Boy World is a photo-oriented publication designed to celebrate the physical beauty of young boys. While Ethos is a standard format magazine about boylove and what it means to be a boylover … Boy World has a single focus on the erotic and sensual appeal of boys.

Q: Does Ethos belong to any BL board?

A: No, Ethos belongs to the boylove community. In that sense, it could in theory be considered to belong to “all” of the BL boards. Anyone who wants to write for, or submit anything to Ethos, can (as long as they abide by the rules, of course).

Q: So who owns Ethos?

A: It is formally co-owned by Lil Monster and Zoomzoom4, with Dragonlover serving as Director. Names and titles of all Ethos staff can be found in the front table of contents page of every issue.

Q: Can I subscribe to Ethos?

A: Yes. Simply send an email to subscribe@ethos-online.net with your BL username which you use online and your preferred email address, and you will automatically receive the latest issue in your inbox when it is published.

Q: Can I submit content to Ethos?

A: Absolutely. All of the material you see in Ethos is kindly provided and submitted to us by members of the boylove community. Every boylover has opinions, viewpoints and creativity to share, and we encourage all of you to contribute something to express your feelings, thoughts, stories and ideas.

 Q: Where can I submit content?

A: Simply send an email to submit@ethos-online.net or directly to zoomzoom4@ethos-online.net , lilmonster@ethos-online.net, or dragonlover@ethos-online.net. Also, you may use the submission form on the Submissions page on the website.

Q: I need to contact Ethos about something other than submissions. Where do I go?

A: You can fill out the form on the Contact Us page, or simply email contact us @ http://ethos-online.net

Q: How do I read the magazine issues stored in the Archive?

A: You can browse the section where we house all the issue here.