Ethos Magazine takes user privacy very seriously, as we’re a community that relies on anonymity. We will not compromise your privacy. To make sure this is clear, our privacy policy is very simple.

* We dont collect data from you.
* JavaScript is not required and can be disabled if you want.
* Cookies are not required and can be disabled if you want.

* Users are asked to confirm before sending any information through the contact form or submission form.

* The only information sent through either form is what is manually entered by the user.

* External links are sent through a special referrer to preserve your privacy. Read more here.

* Resources used are locally stored, preventing cross-linking (which can breach privacy).

* Your connection is encrypted with a secure SSL certificate.

Some of the pictures on the front page require us to provide attribution links. You can find those here. The use of these pictures does not infringe anyone’s rights or privacy.

Non-data collection

Ethos herein guarantees that data is not collected from visitors by any means, except where specifically agreed to by the user.

On the contact form and submission form, you are presented with a tickbox at the bottom informing you of what data will be collected in those instances. None of that information is identifiable unless you make it so.

Pieces of information not collected:

* IP address
* Browser
* Screen resolution
* Operating system
* System specs
* Your use of the website
* JavaScript status
* Cookie status
* And everything else


This website has been coded so that JavaScript is not required.  You can safely turn JavaScript off and most site functionality will remain intact. Certain functionality may not work quite as expected, however you may still use the entire website without problems.


Ethos does not use any functionality which requires cookies, and as such the website can be used safely without them. No cookies will be used on the Ethos website.


Cross-linking is when you use a resource from another website (such as an image, script, or stylesheet) on your own website. Cross-linking resources causes your browser to make a web request to another website that may not be as secure as this, leaving your IP address and some other potentially identifying information in their server logs. This could compromise your privacy, so we locally host all of content available on the Ethos website. This means that you could only interact with the Ethos website when browsing here.

Cautious with external links

When you navigate between websites, usually something known as a “referrer” is sent in the HTTP request. This tells the website the page you clicked their link from. To make sure other sites don’t know you came from here, we remove this header from the request before sending you to the external website. Read more about this here.

Respectful of image authors

We respect image authors, so we will comply with their licenses. Where required, we will attribute images to their author. Images used in Ethos will be attributed in each issue, and images used on the website are attributed. You can find those here. The use of their images does not violate their privacy or yours.

Secured before being sent

Your connection to Ethos is secured before any data is transmitted. We have in place a secure SSL certificate which gets authenticated. This is used to encrypt your connection, so data travelling to and from the Ethos website is very safe.